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Whether you still read about your zodiac sign in the paper, look it up online, or enjoy conversing about the traits of a sign; you'll want to use a swipe or two of our Zodiac Collection to bring out the best of your astrological sign. With my birthday being on September 23rd, it's been said that I was born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. That was the inspiration behind starting with those two signs. There will be one for every sign soon, but I want others to connect with the fragrance of the other signs in the Iconic Essence Zodiac Collection. There's often times conversation about this sign or that sign. People talk about the negatives of a sign. If just for a moment, I would like to bring unity, and break up some of the cynicism of the Zodiac. Wear as your own unique perfume or try wearing your friend, child, partner's sign when you feel like you need some help connecting. These also make for fun, personalized birthday presents. For an extra does of positive vibes we've added corresponding gemstones in each bottle. Enjoy playing and learning about these delightful bottles of aromatherapy goodness. With my best intentions, I present to you The Zodiac Collection." Ebony N. Stroder


Mrs. Ebony N. Stroder

CEO Iconic Edge Beauty


Benefit One 

Paraben Free

Benefit Two

Alcohol Free

Benefit Three

All Natural Ingredients

Benefit Four

Lasts 7-15 Hours On Average

Benefit Five

Aromatic Plant Parts

Benefit Six

Longer Shelf Life

Benefit Seven

Better For Your Well Being

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"Iconic Essence libra smells amazing. The fragrance lasts ALL DAY and I received so many compliments FROM MEN"


Rachel Boldenn

Our customer

I love it

"I can't stop smelling my arm. I am a Virgo and I love the Virgo fragrance."


K. Taylor

Our customer


It was nice and sensual. Not too floral. I liked the fragrance. It lasted longer than most oils. It changed throughout the day which was a nice surprise!


Shelita White

Our customer


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Ronald Richards

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