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Iconic Essence Signature Natural Oil Roll On Fragrance

Iconic Essence Signature Natural Oil Roll On Fragrance

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The Iconic Essence Signature Scent is handcrafted to blend with your natural pheromones, to create a blissful scent unique to you. The blend of natural oils is a soft yet succulent fragrance full of life and feminine essence. Alcohol Free, Paragon Free, Chemical Free. Most purfumes have irritating chemical and unnatural acids. Iconic Essence is tailored with ingredients that truly work, and do not have any negative side effects:

  • Silk-Based All-Natural Formula
  • Blend of natural oils
  • Natural pheromones 

What woman doesn't want to experience the power of being seductive? When it comes time to put on that special dress and those elegant heels there is still something that you need to complete your ensemble. Iconic Essence Signature Fragrance begins with the mysterious and exotic scent of amber. It is a heady combination of woods, resins, incense, patchouli, and vanilla. Iconic Essence adds sweet fruity accord, sandalwood and spices and jasmine.

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